Lamination/Lifting Solution Refill
5g Lamination/Lifting Refills. Lotion : Water; Plant extract ; Protein ; Essence.
Pink Glitter Microporous Eyelash Swabs
PINK GLITTER IS A LASH TECHS BEST FRIEND! Glitter Micropourous Swabs 100 per pack
Glitter Lash Brushes/ Wands
SHINE BRIGHT BOO. Glitter lash wands that sit pretty in any lash technicians trolley and in our client's hand.
Lash Lift tool with Y Comb
The ultimate lash lift tool with 2 lifting devices. 10 per pack
Lash Lift Tool
BABE, YOU LIFT ME UP! Stainless steel Lash Lift tool x1 per pack
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Glue Refill
Refill from your Brow and Lash Lift Kits, universal use.  Vegan & Cruelty Free
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Pink Lash Lift Shields
LOST LIDS? WE GOT YOU! Replacement Lash Lift shields Pack of 5 Sizes: Small x1 Medium x1 Medium 1 x1 Medium 2 x1 Large x1
Pink Y Comb
Y YOU SO CUTE? Pink Y Comb Used for Brow Lamination or Lash Lift 10 per pack
Pink Microporous Swabs
BABY, I NEED YOU. 50 Per pack universal use and every beauty trolleys must have.
Accessory Box - Brow Lamination
Accessory box including: - Mascara Brushes  - Micro swabs  - Cotton stick  - Cleansing cotton  - Plastic film  - Brow wand   - Y-comb 
Accessory Box - Lash Lift
Includes: - Sillicone pads - Plastic film  - Cleansing cotton - Eye pads - Mascara brushes  - Micro swabs  - Cotton sticks  - Cleaning wipe  - Lash lift tool with Y Comb
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