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Brow Lamination Kit
BABY GOT BROWS! Join the latest trend and create fluffy, bold brows with this stunning kit lasting up to 12-15 clients with a shelf life of 12 months (6 months once opened). What does the kit contain? · Cleanser ·...
Heart Glue Rings
£7.99 £2.99
Heart Glue Rings
Pack of 50  Perfect for sealing your handmade lashes and fast application! 
£7.99 £2.99
Fixing Solution Refill
5g Fixing Refills. Fixing Lotion: Water; Plant extract; Protein; Essence; Propylene glycol; Protein Essence.
£19.99 £9.99
Lash Cream Remover
YOU'LL MISS ME WHEN I'M GONE! Your Lash Extensions that is :) Sensitive cream eyelash remover suitable for all lash technicians. Ingredients - Squalane, Grapeseed Extract, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose
Super Bonder - Super Retention
A BOND THAT IS UNBREAKABLE! Retention Goals Maximise your sets with our super lash bonder Works with all lash adhesives Ingredients - Deionized Water, Surfactant, Catitonic conditioning agents, Refined olive oil.
£24.99 £18.00
Professional Semi Perm Lash Glue
*Professional use only* 0.5 - 1s drying time: Humidity range: 40-75% Temperature: 19-25  ºC Retention: 5-6 weeks (depending on application) Fumes: Low fume Sensitive range  Viscosity: Medium Perfect for both classic & volume lashing Size: 5ml Made in ChinaStorage: Unopened: Under...
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Glue Refill
Refill from your Brow and Lash Lift Kits, universal use.  Vegan & Cruelty Free
Nourishing Oil Refill
FOREVER GLOWING! 5ml Nourishing oil refill Ingredients : Plant essence extract; High fibrillary active protein
£8.99 £3.00
Gel Lash Remover
£14.99 £10.00
Gel Lash Remover
LASHES BE GONE! Remover gel pen. Suitable for all lash technicians.  
£14.99 £10.00
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